Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Data Recovery on Windows Storage Spaces using ReclaiMe

Soo. I've been venturing into Server products these past few months and I decided to build a Windows Server 2016 TP5 and utilise Windows Storage Spaces for the home data storage. I pooled all the drives together and I didn't have enough space to move storage here and there so I decided to create a huge pool with Simple Virtual Drives. Little did I know that one of the old drives I had decided to fail.

So now I had multiple Virtual Drives which have data that is inaccessible at all. I thought I was basically screwed because Windows Storage Spaces recovery isn't as simple as just pulling out a drive and extracting data. It uses it's own proprietary format to store data.

I found this site and used this: http://www.storage-spaces-recovery.com/ and it managed to find my Virtual Disk. But I needed the main program ReclaiMe from http://www.reclaime.com/buynow.aspx to be able to scan the disk. I was skeptical at first and it really took a long time to scan the whole virtual drive because it was 7TB. 20% per 24 hours so it took about 5 days. I wasn't able to preview much due to the software limitations for a trial version but after looking through at some of the Jpeg file previews, I realised that the data was readable by ReclaiMe.I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Ultimate Version (I previously had an ext partition on it so I guessed it found that too and so I had no choice but to buy the Ultimate Version) and saved all my files. I don't think I have 100% of them due to some of the data being on the 2TB drive that failed but 70-80% of the important family photos is better than 0%. I'm pretty impressed with their software and will definitely use it again for reading ext or hfs drives when I need it. (There doesn't seem to be a reliable ext or hfs driver for Windows anyway).

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