Friday, April 26, 2013

Guide to Compiling Sonora for Mac

So i recently downloaded Sonora for Mac and realised that there was no compatibility built in due to the source code being public now. I was trying to compile Sonora for Mac for the first time and ran into a few snitches, I couldn't find a proper guide for an idiot to compile Sonora so here's my quick one.

Download mogenerator from

Install mogenerator

Make sure you have XCode and it's Command Line Tools installed before trying anything below.

Open up Terminal and type

sudo gem install cocoapods (This part may take awhile depending on your internet connection)
pod repo add Sonora-podspecs git:// master
git clone git://
cd Sonora
nano Podfile

Change the line from git:// to git://

Ctrl + O
Ctrl + X

pod install
git submodule update --init --recursive

Frameworks Archive:
SFBAudioEngine requires frameworks that aren't included in the main repository. Download the Frameworks archive here and place the Frameworks folder inside Sonora/External/SFBAudioEngine/.

Generate your own Last.FM API Key at
Specify sonora://lastfmauth/ as the callback url

Copy the API Key and Secret Key to replace the placeholders in SNRConstants.m.

Fire up XCode and open Sonora.xcworkspace

Start Building and you'll start facing errors that are automatically fixable by XCode itself.

Apply this patch if you encounter this problem


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