Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TotalFinder - a better Finder for OS X

So i recently bought a new Mac and I came from Windows. I've been using a different explorer for Windows for awhile and it had dual windows side by side, i could copy from one directory to another without having to create a new explorer Window for it. I was looking for some similar functionality in OS X and i came across TotalFinder. Lifehacker has TotalFinder as the best finder add on for OS X and i have to agree. I've been using TotalFinder for the past few days and i've got to say i'm loving some of the functionalities that i'm so used in Windows such as Cut and Paste which OS X doesn't natively have. Command + X and Command + V, almost the same as Windows.

This is TotalFinder in dual mode.

Not to mention that there are multiple tabs in Totalfinder allowing you to create an extra tab if you need to do file transferrings quickly. Does the tabs on TotalFinder look vaguely familiar? They're Google Chrome's implementation of it and the same shortcuts work too! Command + T to create a new tab and Command + W to close the current tab.

TotalFinder with two tabs opened.

In Windows Explorer, you're able to view hidden files with just unchecking a setting however in OS X, there isn't a setting to do that. I used to do that with an app for OS X called ShowHiddenFiles however with TotalFinder all i need to do is just press Command + Shift + '.' and all the hidden files appear. If i want to hide them again, you just have to press the same shortcut keys again.

TotalFinder showing hidden files in my user directory

TotalFinder comes with a lot of extra features and they extend the usability of Finder for OS X.
Interested? You can check it out for yourself here:

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